Your advantages // PCD and PCBN

Your advantages of PCD and PCBN


Increased durability of our tools compared to carbide by multiple factors

  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Better surface quality achievable
  • Roughing and finishing in one clamping
  • Possibility to dry machining or minimal lubrication
  • Possibility of regrinding/resharpening and retipping multi-times
  • Any shape of blade can be manufactured
    = Your economic advantage through lower overall production costs

PCD – Polycrystalline diamond – CBN – Cubic boron nitride
A polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is generally suitable for machining non ferrous workpieces while CBN is the choice for machining ferrous materials such as hardened steel.

Examples of typical workpieces are:

  • Carbon (CFRP are perfectly cut by the sharp PCD cutting edge)
  • composites with metal matrix
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Copper, brass, bronze, magnesium alloys
  • ceramic, fiberglass,
  • Plastics, Rubber
  • Not yet sintered (“green”) and sintered carbide
  • Mineral Materials

We will recommend the material and and the optimum cutting geometry (eg, positive or negative rake angle) and also guide you in setting the cutting parameters.

If you have special questions about the use of those ultra-hard materials, we are happy if we can help you. Please contact our sales department at or +49 8067 9228